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Thursday, January 20, 2011

mad about waffles!

I'm just loving waffle weave at the moment.

I rediscovered some samples I'd done years ago, and decided to experiment again.

The first result was some waffle weave scarves - one has sold via made4aid, one is on sale now in the made4aid shop.

The next experiment was in felting the waffle-weave. This is such fun!

Following some sampling on the loom and in the washing machine, these are my first two experiments:

These are prototypes, really, and there are a couple of things I think I can improve on - but I'm pretty pleased with them, they are good enough to sell (I hope) and they will be available soon in the made4aid Etsy shop.

And today, I'll be warping a loom to make some more...

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

blog confusion

um, well I've just discovered that the post I thought I'd put up here yesterday, was in fact posted to my other blog....

so if you want to see the final form of the bag pictured below - plus a couple of other projects - click here!

AND - made4aid is now on Etsy - click the button on the sidebar!

Sunday, October 03, 2010


..... bag.

Just getting back into my textiles groove, winters are good for knitting, weaving class is re-starting and my loom upstairs is empty.

If only there were more time.

But in a satisfying "one I made earlier" sort of way, I picked up a bag I'd almost finished knitting in the Spring - added a few finishing touches, and bunged it in the washing machine today to felt.

Its drying now, with some jigsaw puzzles and books inside to help fix the shape.

Here are some more glimpses:

This will be finished, lined with vintage fabric and on sale soon in the new made4aid Etsy shop - which I hope will be open within the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just a quick picture of the bag in the previous post, unfinished and before felting.

This is it felted and finished

up for sale on made4aid tomorrow pm.

I have been buying some books of patterns for hand-knit and felted bags, so looking forward to experimenting with new shapes.

And also have finally got this piece off my loom upstairs!
Its been years in the weaving.

It needs a bit of finishing, and then I'll try and get some pics up here....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

in progress

I recently found a group on flickr for photos of knitting in progress, which seemed like an interesting idea.

Hence this picture. The colours aren't quite right / true to the yarns, but not too far off.
This will be another felted bag for made4aid, like this one - so, I'll post another photo when its felted and shrunk and finished.

This is knitted with between 4 and 8 strands at a time, mixing a variety of yarns and bits and pieces. There are some bits here of handspun, from years ago when I first learned to spin - and some thrifted, leftover bits etc.... Really satisfying to use up such remnants and fun to mix colours by combining different yarns.

The handles are knitted first, then linked with extra casting on to form the top of the bag, and then knitted on circular needles (which I always use anyway) down to the bottom edge, and then the base is knitted and stitched to the edges.

Theres also a post with a bit more about knitting and felting bags here, with a link to the webpage where I found the pattern for this bag, its one of my favourite patterns so far.

I shall post again shortly, I hope, with a progress report on the next stage with this bag.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

peg bag

I've been crocheting with plastic bags again - annoying my family by making noisey rustling noises whilst watching TV.

This is a replacement peg bag for a friend - the one I made him a few years ago has worn out.

One day maybe there will be no more plastic bags, which will be a good thing - but in the meantime, I love making these.

I tried to be a bit neater this time, and looked up some instructions an' all. I was quite pleased with my square base

but from thereon up - pretty wonky!

Still, I don't suppose straightness and neatness matter too much, for a peg bag..

The the best method I've come across for cutting the bags into strips is here - and this lady's work is proof that plastic bag crochet doesn't have to be either untidy or wonky - look at her sea creatures. Her work is just amazing.

Also, this method of cutting up bags is less rustley than other methods I've tried. Though my family might tell you otherwise.

If you like crochet and haven't had a go at crocheting with plastic bags - do try! really. Its so much fun. It leads to aquisitive eyeing up of other peoples' plastic bags whilst shopping - but really, its worth the risk.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

felt making

There is a great felt-making tutorial over on Jasmine's blog.

And this is the latest hand-knitted and washing machine-felted (the easy way) bag which I'm selling on made4aid.

And finally - I am so neglecting this blog that i'm not sure anyone looks at it any more.... let me know if thats not the case?