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Monday, May 29, 2006


I've been thinking a lot about lace textiles recently.

My weaving class-room has a display board, and the display this term has been lace - all kinds of lace, real lace of all sorts, stunning antique lace collars, lacey fashion shows, lacey leaf skeletons, lacey knitting, even lacey sculptures.
I also went to a small exhibition recently about lace making & lace effects.
And then there was this.

So, here are some of the lacier things I have made. (the word lace/lacey is by now starting to look strange and wrong).

I made this for a City & Guilds course I did a few years ago, it was linked to a design board on "Walls" which got me more than a few strange looks taking photographs of walls in and around Greenwich.

The technique is called "Spaced and Crammed" and the lacey effect is produced simply by putting the warp threads alternately very close together / more widely spaced on the loom - and then doing similar spacing and cramming with the weft.

According to my largely fictitious City & Guilds presentation, this was to be a bathroom blind for my own house, the prospective client being my husband. Its never gone up in the bathroom, I wasn't really quite sure about the colours (though I have just now thought of another use for it) and I soon afterwards saw some lace weaving which I thought would make a much nicer blind.

So I made this for the bathroom. The weaving was a joy, especially as I'd just been weaving some blankets from chunky slubby hand-spun wool - it was a delicious contrast to handle.

The technique is called Huck Lace - the lace is produced because of the way the loom is set up, and the order in which the shafts (and therefore the warp threads) are lifted. Looks effective, but very easy and fast to weave.

It has yet to be washed (which will make the weave a little tighter and more three-dimensional) and yet to be actually made into a real, usable working blind.... I will get around to it one of these days, really I will.... though a friend was saying the other day that it would make rather a nice summer wrap/shawl, so who knows? ...


Blogger Stuntmother said...

That's an amazing piece of work. You're right -- the three-dimensional simplicity of it is so appealling. How wonderful to be able to produce something so beautiful and so useful!

2:04 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Absolutely beautiful Lettuce. I am so amazed at the different effects you get from weaving. How is the tea cosy coming along?

12:45 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Can't seem to find your other blog anymore Lettuce?!!!!!

10:25 PM  

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