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Saturday, May 20, 2006


My T-cosy is going very well. I think I'm slightly crazy to start something quite complicated so close to the end of my weaving course, but I'm having great fun.

Having taken my camera to yesterday's class without any memory card, here is something else to look at instead:This is my peg bag. I crotcheted it from old plastic carrier bags. Dead easy and very satisfying because it is so ecologically sound! (and essentially free, of course)

The slightly thinner type of plastic bag is best, the kind which is slightly rustley - for those in the UK, WH Smiths bags, and/or Argos are ideal, or market bags. However I have used heavier plastic too, when required to find just the colour I wanted, it works ok but is slightly more difficult to work with.

Cut the bags into strips about 1 inch across (less if the plastic is thicker, wider if its very flimsy). Starting at the top edge of the carrier bag, its possible to cut around and around in a spiral right down to the bottom, giving quite long strips.

Then crotchet - with a medium/large crotchet hook. Easy peasey lemon squeezy. Its best not to work too tightly. I drove M mad with making these in front of the TV because the plastic rustled so much and disrupted his viewing.

This larger bag is the first one I made, which I did use for a while to take all my things to weaving. It now contains all our shoe-cleaning gear, cloths and brushes.

The handle stretched a bit with use - though this could be avoided by crotcheting some thin string in with the plastic. The spotty/patched effect is from bags with writing/pictures/logos on them, this produces random patterns.

The real danger with these is that it establishes a habit of bag-spotting - unusual colours will catch your eye, and you'll be trying to identify logos/sources of bags in the high street. Also you will never again be able to throw away an attractively/interestingly coloured plastic bag.


Blogger Donna said...

Wow these are really beautiful. Such a simple yet effective idea!! I might have a go one day. I'm a terrible carrier bag hoarder:-)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Stuntmother said...

I love this so much I now feel the need to learn to crochet. Attractive AND environmentally sound!

2:09 PM  

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