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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tassels again

I will now always associate tassels with my mother - which is kind of nice but also sad. They have been a perfect activity for my hands while I've been visiting so much, during her illness.

The tassels I posted earlier were mostly very quick tassels. These took somewhat longer! and I'm sure I would never have found so much time to spend on them if it weren't for being with her.

These first 2 are made from some superb waxed linen I bought at the boot fair. Lovely stuff, but not too easy to work with, as it has a mind of its own.

The second of these has Victorian/Edwardian boot buttons attached to the ends - I was so happy to find such a nice use for them.

This one has a really satisfying weight because of all the beads - some of which are old bone toggles inherited from a grandmother or great aunt.

And these are made through an entirely different technique - basically just tying little bits of knotted string together, and fraying the ends. Its a victorian tassell making technique, and can make little dainty tassels

or - even more fun - big rude shed tassels.


Blogger Donna said...

Haven't visited here in ages. Gorgeous tassels Lettuce :-)

10:38 AM  

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