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Friday, September 22, 2006

Textiles classes

My weaving/spinning class started up again yesterday, hurrah!

I'd wrongly assumed it started the same week as schools in the borough,  so I've had 2 weeks feeling deprived. It was great to be back.

However - no details yet of fab. textiles work going on in the class. That will follow in my next post.  (including some more pics. of Mandy's gorgeous hand-spun shed "string" - from her summer collection).

Before that - a piece of shameless advertising.

Numbers on the textiles courses have dropped over recent years.  (Like numbers on most courses in further education - especially general interest courses).  This has a lot to do with cuts in funding.

Numbers this year are looking pretty critical - we need more students to keep these courses running!  There are very few classes in spinning and weaving in London - if this course is shut down, it will probably never start up again, which would be a tragedy.

Are you living in London and interested in learning to spin, weave, dye, make felt .... do other textile related things? ...  tapestry, braids...  Do you know someone who might be interested?
...rugs, blankets ..... belts, straps, hats .....

The classes are open and suitable for learners - absolute beginners welcome - or for more experienced people too.

There are textiles courses on the Thursday - morning and/or afternoon  (most of us do both, 2 hours just isn't long enough!) - also on the Wednesday - an all-day course.  The Thursday class is most in need of numbers, our teacher is simply wonderful, its a really nice friendly class.  Some of the students at the Wednesday class (I think) do a one year City and Guilds course, tho' you don't have to join up for that.

You can come with specific ideas of what you want to learn or make - scarves, cushions, bags etc. are really quick and easy or you can come and get ideas and guidance from the tutor
who will set you up with some projects, if you don't know where to start.  You don't have to have any of your own equipment or supplies - everything you need is there!

Join up now and theres plenty of time to make some Christmas presents.

The course is run by Greenwich Community College - in Greenwich itself, on mainline trains into London, also on the Docklands light railway.  Most students are fairly local to south London, but we've had students coming from North London too, as there are so few weaving/spinning classes around.  website:

Costs of the courses vary depending whether you live in the Borough or not, whether you are on benefits, retired etc..... - full info. on the website.

There is also a 2 day weekend workshop coming upin October  on paper spinning, which looks great, I've just signed up for that too.


here are some phrases designed to catch googles:

learn to spin
learn to weave
textiles classes
spinning course
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weaving course
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... have I missed anything?  can you think of other ways for us to advertise this course?

If you are going to the Knitting and Stitching Show in October - please tell anyone you can about our courses!

Keep your fingers crossed for us, it would be so bad for all sorts of reasons if any of the courses are shut down.


Blogger The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

I am interested in doing courses but as I work full time it is always difficult to find courses that are in the evenings or weekends? Croydon Council run very few 'creative' evening classes and any that are of interest, again seem to be during the day which is very frustrating!

11:43 PM  
Blogger The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

Hi Lettuce, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Unfortunately I am moving at the end of November now. I am hoping that there might be some classes down yonder East Sussex way.....

5:41 PM  

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