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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bag - Monk's Belt

Oh dear, over a month since I've posted anything.

You've probably all stopped looking by now.

Nonetheless, here is something new to look at. Just in case.

As well as not finding time to post on this blog, I'm also not too good at finding time to finish textile projects.

A year ago I was weaving a length to cut up and make into little bags. It was finished some time around Easter. The weaving, that is. I've just got around to making up the first bag for a neice's birthday. 8 months... hmmm, not too bad actually!

This was a using-bits-from-the-cupboard rather than buying new project, with a warp in blue cotton, various shades, and then all sorts of things for weft - cotton, silk, tufted novelty yarn, ribbon, fabric, chenille. It worked out really well.

I was revisiting a weaving pattern/technique I found when I was doing samples for a City and Guilds course years ago. Its not actually a complicated or difficult technique - only 4 shafts, for those to whom that means anything. (Its called "Monks Belt" - page 105, "Honeycomb", No. I of Johann D's, in Margaret Davisons Handweavers Pattern Book).

The handles were done on an inkle loom.

Only about 5 or 6 more to go!