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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Antique Quilt

Every now and then my parents have a clear out and offer various items around the family. They are very generous and many of them are beautiful and/or special. Most - if not all - of them are familiar, things we have grown up with.

But where my mum has kept this quilt for all these years I don't know. Well , in the loft I suppose? I'd never seen it before - and my parents aren't really the kind to keep things they don't need or use. It was in a box labelled, on its various sides, as "Beautiful antique quilt" "Grandma's Quilt" "To be kept". Clearly for my father's benefit.

They had thought that no-one would want it and/or have room for it, so maybe I could sell it on eBay? I was quick to suggest that I'd be happy to give it a home.

Its silk, and beautifully light and soft. It belonged to my great-grandmother - her daugher (my gran) was born at the turn of the century, married in 1921. So this would be late Victorian or Edwardian. The stitching looks machine- rather than hand-done.

The patterned silk has quite an oriental design.

At the moment, this is gracing the spare room, and I regularly visit it.
I'm hoping to keep it there, though probably not for use. Generally it seems to be in really excellent condition - except for the corners.

This picture (below) is quite close up - and you have to look pretty close to spot the wear. However, I'm concerned this might get worse.

The options seem to me to be that I darn it - I'm pretty good at sewing, and could do a fairly neat job I think, but it would clearly show, even if I can get a fairly good colour match. Or I wondered about patching the corners - if I could get silk of a matching shade in the rust, brown or possibly black - and make patches to repeat the scallop pattern of the middle.

I'd be so grateful for any comments/advice on this.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Extreme water knitting

I thought I'd better get on with my knitted squares for the Water Aid campaign - the last deadline I heard of was early 2007.

So this was the perfect opportunity to have a go at Rachel John's "extreme knitting".

This was SO much fun. I have so many odds and ends of yarns - some of them really not very nice or exciting on their own. This was done with 10 strands of yarn - its much easier than I expected to knit them together. The needles are the largest I have - they are about 1.5cm.

It knitted up amazingly quickly, and the finished piece has a lovely thick, soft, luxurious feel to it, and I love the mix of colours and textures.