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Friday, February 23, 2007

Tea cosy - finished!!!

I've just looked back at the post I did about starting this project - in May 2006, when I said it was a project which I might get finished in 4/5 weeks.


Just finished. Well, its not quite a year later, is it?

Its taken so long partly because I've had a disrupted life lately, and spent quite a bit of time in my class gazing out of the window rather than getting on with things.

Its also taken so long because:
a. I made a long warp, longer than necessary (the warp is the "vertical" yarn which goes on the loom first, across which you then weave the weft horizontally) - so that I could do some other projects as well as the tea cosy. On a long warp its possible to weave a number of different items, leaving spaces between them and cutting them apart when the whole lot comes off the loom. So I have a sample too, where I just mucked about with the techniques, and 2 bags. (not quite finished, pics will follow some time....)

b. I'd chosen a fairly complicated weaving technique, and had to spend time figuring out how to do what I wanted to do. I also left my notes at home more than once, meaning I had to figure it all out all over again.

But I really enjoyed making this, its one of my favourite weaving techniques and its an area of my life where it really doesn't matter how long things take.

So here it is, the new tea cosy:

For more on the technique, see the earlier post here.
It was woven as a whole, joined at the top and sides, with horizontal tube-pockets on the back (oops, forgot to take pictures) and these little square pockets on the front - all stuffed with fleece (for keeping the tea warm, of course) and some also with fabric and/or buttons.

My weaving tutor wanted to have it to wear as a hat.
She is, of course, mad. But in a totally wonderful way.
But I am already enjoying using it as a tea cosy.