Niddy noddy

Monday, April 30, 2007


I've been crocheting with plastic bags again, inspired partly by the new orange Sainsbury's bags. I tend to carry re-usable bags of various kinds folded and stached away and avoid adding to our collection of bags-under-the-sink, bags-in-the-cupboard, bags-in-the-recycling-bin. But M doesn't.....

I've made a couple recently for friends. One I forgot to take a photo of.... it was a bit slapdash and wibbly, i hope he liked it. These tend to come out a bit lopsided anyway, esp. as I'm not actually very good at crochet, I rather make it up as i go along.

Anyway, this is the second:

Its quite small and I was rather pleased with the shape.

A town in the UK is going completely plastic-bag-free for a minimum of 6 months.
Excellent eh? Click here for details.

If the idea catches on, maybe plastic bag bags will become collectible and things of great value?

I've also got a new technique for cutting the bags into long strips - my first textiles tutor showed me this, and its an adaptation of a Japanese paper-cutting technique I learned at a paper-spinning workshop - I'd not seen its possibilities. If anyone reading wants to know how, leave a comment and I'll do a post on it. Its much quicker, results in more even strips, and is much much less rustley, esp. for when watching TV with irascible family members.

Monday, April 23, 2007


We only have a few weeks left till my textiles class finishes for the summer.
(which is a very bad thing)

I have ideas for other projects.... plenty of ideas..... but just can't be arsed at the moment with all the planning, working out, maths etc......

so, in the meantime, I'm spinning.

Happy, in my trance, spinning

and spinning

and spinning.

I began textiles classes before LG was born. After her birth I missed a term. Then I went back to the class - an evening class at the time - and spun and spun and spun. LG wasn't sleeping too well, she wasn't a very happy baby and that 2 hours in the evening was MY time, and I'd drift off into the hypnotic relaxation of the wheel and spin and spin and spin.

Every now and then my textiles tutor would ask me if I had plans for all the wool I was spinning - was it for a particular project? what would I do with it? I had no idea, I was just happy spinning.

And here I am again!

I'm spinning raw (tussah) silk. I bought it some time ago, and its been sitting quietly, waiting.

Its not the easiest fibre to spin, being very short tufty bits - with lumps and bumps and little bits of cocoon in it.

But it makes a nice yarn, with slubby texture

After I've spun a bit more, I'll probably ply it, and it should look pretty much like this:

And then I'll decide what to do with it!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter gifts

Two lovely lovely presents from my dear friend Molly Bloom.

The first comes from Stitches and Daughters, a shop in Blackheath and Greenwich. Its crotcheted, and is fairly stiff so I assume soaked in glue or something.

Pictured here with

and then without creme egg.

And even better - not least cos lovely Molly made it herself :

Which is very nice as a necklace, which I initially assumed, but even nicer as a bracelet.

Thankyou so much Molly. xxxx