Niddy noddy

Friday, November 09, 2007

bums on seats

Oh dear, my weekly intentions have slipped.

However, I've done over 2 1/2 inches since my last post.
V. pleased with self. And enjoying the weaving.

I've not been keeping track of how much I've woven in total as I'll just keep going till I get to the end of the warp. So - don't know how much warp is left. But really feel as if I'm making progress.

My next project at my textiles class is to weave new seats for a couple of chairs whose lovely rush seats were ripped to shreds by our cat, years and years ago.

I'd prosaically thought of weaving some fabric and then attaching it in some way to the chair frame.
Marvellous Mandy suggested that I could weave straight onto the chair, using it as a frame for the warp. What a brilliant idea.

So - this is my experimental sample:

I'll be using the yarn in the bottom of this piece - hemp, with a lovely silvery texture and sheen, also very strong. This is 9 strands plied together (or rather 3 lots of 3-ply plied together) to make it stronger and chunkier. The colours in this sample are rags woven in - which I will do in the lychen-colours I'm using for the futon throw.

I've just been shaving down the corners of the frame, to make it kinder on the hemp and to make the seat more comfortable. Next week I will be carrying one of the chairs to my class to start work on it.

Its such a fun project and really nice to work on something so different - and to rescue the chairs from their bedroom-clothes-dumping hell.

I will keep you informed as to my progress.