Niddy noddy

Friday, December 28, 2007

ta da!

my chair is finished.

I'm so very very happy with it and feeling rather smug.

But t'was easy, really - see the previous few posts for some ideas as to how I did it, I'll be looking with a new eye at old furniture in junk shops and at the boot fair - and I'd encourage you to do the same.

Easy peasey lemon squeezy - it remains to be seen, of course, how durable it is but the hemp is very strong, we have no cats now to shred it, lets just hope that the mice don't see its potential as a cosy nesting place.

Monday, December 10, 2007


These are fairly up-to-date photos of my progress on the chair. I might even have finished it last week, if I'd not run out of plied hemp - I had to move onto a spinning wheel to do some more.

I've also made a string bag with the same hemp - though with 3 strands plied rather than the 9 strands I'm using for the chair seats.
I found the pattern and instructions (via Tut-Tut's blog) here - this is a great website, full of ideas and inspiration for all sorts of yarn crafts.

I enjoyed making this bag - at least, I did after the first few rows where I kept gaining and/or losing stitches. Its pretty quick and very satisfying to make - and nice to use.

I'm thinking of plying some hemp together with some nice shiny gold thread, or some novelty tufted threads, to make some more of these for Christmas gifts.

Its really nice to be knitting again.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

more slippage...

oh dear, my intentions of more regular posting here have really slipped, haven't they?

I plead busy-ness at work, and guests in the spare (loom) room. But I have done a bit more on my current "must get it finished" project at home. And I'm having a ball with the weaving of my chair seats at my Thursday class - its such a great project, I'm loving doing something quite different, and I think they are going to look fab.

These pics are not very up to date, I've got quite a bit further than this now, will take more pics tomorrow. The pictures here show the warp wrapped around the chair seat from back to front, over a wrap of velvet to pad the chair-frame, and the layer which I wove across on the bottom layer of the warps - the chair seat itself will be woven on only the top layer.

Having woven a bottom layer (for extra back-up strength when sat upon), I lined it with a piece of blue fabric which you can see here - and now, as I weave the top layer, I am stuffing the gap in between the two layers with rags. This is giving a really nice padded finish.

No matter how busy and tired I am, Thursdays are happy happy days!