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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

more slippage...

oh dear, my intentions of more regular posting here have really slipped, haven't they?

I plead busy-ness at work, and guests in the spare (loom) room. But I have done a bit more on my current "must get it finished" project at home. And I'm having a ball with the weaving of my chair seats at my Thursday class - its such a great project, I'm loving doing something quite different, and I think they are going to look fab.

These pics are not very up to date, I've got quite a bit further than this now, will take more pics tomorrow. The pictures here show the warp wrapped around the chair seat from back to front, over a wrap of velvet to pad the chair-frame, and the layer which I wove across on the bottom layer of the warps - the chair seat itself will be woven on only the top layer.

Having woven a bottom layer (for extra back-up strength when sat upon), I lined it with a piece of blue fabric which you can see here - and now, as I weave the top layer, I am stuffing the gap in between the two layers with rags. This is giving a really nice padded finish.

No matter how busy and tired I am, Thursdays are happy happy days!


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Lookin good so far!

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