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Friday, November 07, 2008

ends and beginnings

ha! did i ever kid myself that this blog would be sort-of-monthly?

but I am now feeling very crafty indeed, after months of only very little crafty time due to travelling (good) and taking pictures (good) and working very hard (bad).

The chair seat I'm weaving for LG's little bedside chair is getting closed to finished now:

and I've got most of the old varnish off the chair itself. It needs a bit more sanding, but is almost ready:

There will, before long, be pictures here of the finished chair.

I LOVE doing these chair seats.

I am also determined to spend more time on the piece I have on my loom here at home, and I will be putting a new warp on a loom at college to make some more little bags, a bit like these.... to hopefully go over here and be auctioned....

About which I larfed! as I thought of doing these little bags using up yarns I have already as this is supposedly one of the guiding criteria for future projects. Until the cupboard is bare.

I then discovered that the only yarns I really have in sufficient quantity to make a long warp are wools, and I really wanted to use cottons.

So... I wandered over to here and who knew? they had a sale on! I bought a whole lot of lovely cottons and chenille on special offer.

So... I have added to my stock of yarns.... against all my resolutions. The cupboard fills up again faster than it empties.

So... I am feeling naughty but also rather pleased with myself.

BUT I have plans also for the wools, which is to knit bags and then felt them.

Which seems like a nice little crafty cosy wintery project.

So if i don't post here for another 6 months, lets hope its because I'm busy being very crafty indeed.