Niddy noddy

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm getting accustomed to the colours of my warp, the length for the second bag worked quite well I think, in greens

and the third is going okay, in pinks.

I'm bearing in mind the possibility of painting/dying a stretch of warp to change the colour options - I'd like this warp much better I think if the yellow/cream was blue instead. But for the time being I'll carry on with the existing... I'm having to think much more about the colours - more experimentation, weaving then undoing sometimes.... so its stretching me, at the very least.

And I've finished the little chair seat for LG, which I'm really pleased with.

It will now go up to her bedroom to sit by her bedside and be buried under a pile of books, papers, make-up, dirty plates, tissues.....


Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Well I've started weaving my latest set of bags, and feel rather foolish because having put the warp

on the loom
I'm not very happy with the colours.

silly me.

I was partly going for colours that would allow for a lot of variation in the weft - making each bag very different.

And I was partly pushing myself to use colours rather different from my usual very blueygreeney preferences.

And I was partly seduced by the sale items when I bought the yarns...

and maybe its partly to do with buying online, without seeing the colours myself in reality...


I will make the best of it and hope that they are colours other people will like, even if they are not my natural preference.

My first sample looked like this:

This will be the first bag - one side:

and the other side:

I wove this one in fairly neutral, soft, "calm" colours to let the pattern emerge, and for me to get accustomed to this warp a bit.

I plan to weave the next one in much more funky yarns and colours - green, again, but maybe bright lime green - and possibly loud pink too?

After that, I'll move on to blues, purples maybe. I'm wondering how it would look with grey weft, or even black. I think its probably quite good for me to have to work with a rather different palette from what I would normally choose, I just hope they turn out okay.

The textures are quite nice, I'm using some chenille and some shiny yarns. If only I could get to like the colours a bit more...