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Thursday, April 23, 2009

catching up

I've just been looking over all my previous posts.
All of them.
Since I began this blog in May 2006.

It didn't take long.
I've been so intermittent and inconsistent with posting here - 3 years, and not an awful lot of posts.

So, I'm going to try and catch up a bit by doing some posts on things I've made in the past, which I haven't blogged. 
I have put photos of some of these on flickr. But there are things I made before I began using a digital camera - so, I have scanning plans too.

The first item in my catch-up retrospective is this baby shawl, which I knitted while pregnant 15 years ago.

It is a traditional pattern from the Shetland islands, off the far coast of Scotland, and the source of fairaisle patterns and a multitude of other wonderful textile skills and traditions.

I loved knitting this - I enjoy stitch patterns and knitting in the round.  Trying to remember how the pattern went, I think the middle was knitted straight in moss stitch and then the rest was knitted around the edge on circular needles.

The pattern and yarn came from here and the shawl is now safely stashed away for future generations (what a funny thought, future generations).


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