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Saturday, December 05, 2009

peg bag

I've been crocheting with plastic bags again - annoying my family by making noisey rustling noises whilst watching TV.

This is a replacement peg bag for a friend - the one I made him a few years ago has worn out.

One day maybe there will be no more plastic bags, which will be a good thing - but in the meantime, I love making these.

I tried to be a bit neater this time, and looked up some instructions an' all. I was quite pleased with my square base

but from thereon up - pretty wonky!

Still, I don't suppose straightness and neatness matter too much, for a peg bag..

The the best method I've come across for cutting the bags into strips is here - and this lady's work is proof that plastic bag crochet doesn't have to be either untidy or wonky - look at her sea creatures. Her work is just amazing.

Also, this method of cutting up bags is less rustley than other methods I've tried. Though my family might tell you otherwise.

If you like crochet and haven't had a go at crocheting with plastic bags - do try! really. Its so much fun. It leads to aquisitive eyeing up of other peoples' plastic bags whilst shopping - but really, its worth the risk.