Niddy noddy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

blog confusion

um, well I've just discovered that the post I thought I'd put up here yesterday, was in fact posted to my other blog....

so if you want to see the final form of the bag pictured below - plus a couple of other projects - click here!

AND - made4aid is now on Etsy - click the button on the sidebar!

Sunday, October 03, 2010


..... bag.

Just getting back into my textiles groove, winters are good for knitting, weaving class is re-starting and my loom upstairs is empty.

If only there were more time.

But in a satisfying "one I made earlier" sort of way, I picked up a bag I'd almost finished knitting in the Spring - added a few finishing touches, and bunged it in the washing machine today to felt.

Its drying now, with some jigsaw puzzles and books inside to help fix the shape.

Here are some more glimpses:

This will be finished, lined with vintage fabric and on sale soon in the new made4aid Etsy shop - which I hope will be open within the next couple of weeks.