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Friday, September 29, 2006

Shed string Part Two

This is some of the summer collection of Mandy's gorgeous hand-spun "string". Based on raw hemp, it incorporates all sorts of other fibres, fabrics, bits and pieces - lace, even feathers.
(Click here for the "Spring collection"!)

Do click to enlarge these pictures, this needs to be seen as close up as possible, its just scrumptious.

This is twisted into hanks.

And below - teased out a bit to show the yarn in more detail:

This would make wonderful birds'-nest baskets and cornflower and cow parsley bags!

And its just occurred to me that it could be knitted, as well as woven..... watch this space - I want to have a go too.


Blogger Calamity Tat said...

Oh pooh tit bum bugger bugger bugger.. can't comment over on the other blog but can here... yeah.. I am convinced it's all those flags.. but what great swap stuff what?, I shall post that pic tomorrow... bird one finishing soon and working on the next one... bye Letty :-) see we can talk..

9:06 PM  

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