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Friday, March 14, 2008

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Both my chair seats are finished now, being sat on regularly and looking no worse for it.

My next project is to renovate a little chair which LG has by her bedside - the wood needs some work, which I'll enjoy doing. And the seat needs replacing. Yay!

I so enjoyed doing the chairs i've just finished, I was delighted to think of doing this one too.

Its a little old dressing-table chair. And its been buried under such a tower of books, magazines, old plates of toast etcetcetc that I'd not realised what a state it was in.

Of course, being for LG, the colour scheme will be various shades of black, with possibly some black and/or purple. Goth as possible.

should be fun. I will keep you informed....

in the meantime, I am still knitting string bags.
Not yet having done the preparation I need to do on the chair before I can begin weaving, I spent today's weaving class spinning. I have so many bits and pieces of fibres around, bought in sales, shows etc.... needing to be spinned - its one of my favourite in-between-project activities.

Today I was spinning silk noiles - raw silk.
like this

And I think I might try plying some of this with some of my lovely hemp, to use for my next string bag.


Blogger natural attrill said...

sweet chair!!

8:28 PM  
Blogger zquilts said...

Your work is terrific - and now I am simpky going to HAVE to make a string bag - maybe with jute - though I think EuroFlax would be lovely too.
Also, tanks for nice note about Epley the crow - he is a handsome fellow ! It's time to try bluebirds though !

3:58 PM  
Blogger Ms. Wollstonecraft said...

i'm impressed ....

and think it would look very chic in black and a purple that is nearly black. with maybe the thinnest of a silver line somewhere. the chair already has personality.

5:09 PM  

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