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Sunday, February 22, 2009

2nd knitted felted bag

This was the same pattern as the previous. I used larger needles - and oh it didn't half look saggy and baggy before washing!

And then after a 90' wash, it was quite nice..... but I decided that I wanted it a bit more felted and solid. Another wash at 60' did the job nicely - felting in the machine seems to be a pretty forgiving process, and stretching and pressing the bag on a cake tin helped to square it up and get rid of a couple of bumps and bulges.

Having not thought about pockets when I knitted the previous bag, I gave more thought to this one and picked up and knitted some woollen pockets - one on the outside phone/MP3 size, two on the inside. I tacked some cotton inside the pockets before felting, so that they didn't fuse onto the bag itself.

They worked pretty well, though I do also like the combination of fabric pockets with wool bags.

This bag, the previous, and 2 very different woven bags are on their way to Joyce, and will hopefully be auctioned on her Darfur blog at some stage - keep a look out!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

knitted felted bag


This is my first completed knitted and felted bag - its a great pattern, from here
and I've been able to start using up some huge cones of fine but rather boring wool. Combined and knitted at least 3 or 4 strands together makes them much more interesting.

This felted well - the stitches are just about discernable, but it looks more felty than knitty. I tried felting at 30 or 40', but it just wasn't good enough. So in the end, I just put this (in a pillow case) into a 90' wash with a sheet, and then when it came out left it to dry over a cake tin which was just right for size - this helped give it a good shape, esp. around the base.

I knitted this on 5.5mm needles, I think the pattern says larger? I've just felted the 2nd bag, which I knitted on 6.5 but its not felted as well, I'll use the smaller needles next time.

I'd not thought ahead about pockets - and didn't think it needed lining. So I added some pockets in vintage fabric, and one little felt pocket.